Would common books disappear?

Will e-Books replace common paper books in a near future? There are different opinions. To turn to a conclusion we should look to many points.

On the one hand, less physical space is required to store e-books. Hundreds may be carried together on one device. Approximately 500 average e-books can be stored on one CD, for instance. So this could save us the space conventional books take up us at home or a library. On the other hand, what for do we need to have so many books together on a portable device? Furthermore, with Internet access becoming ubiquitous in industrial nations, the ease of distributing e-books is a considerable advantage. e-books cost nothing to transfer, and such an operation occurs instantly. Readers would not need to visit a bookstore to purchase a book anymore, would bookshops disappear?

But the most convincing advantage, is the fact that no environmental resources are consumed, no paper nor ink is needed, which would help to the damage we have already caused to the Earth.

Unfortunately, some disadvantages should be taken to account. For example, many e-book formats require special software to display them, which may not be freely available or compatible with a reader’s existing computing device. It can also be a problem the fact that from a publisher’s point of view, e-books can in some cases be hacked, or disseminated without approval from the author or publisher. The ease with which an electronic document may be copied means that a single unprotected document may be used to replicate an unlimited number of perfect copies.

In conclusion, it is not so clear that e-Books will take off soon. Current e-book devices offer a lesser reading experience than physical books, indeed many readers prefer paper and print to a computer screen which can be very harmful for our sight’s health.



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