Modern Society, Modern Addiction

Nowadays the use of computers is quite important. We need them to look for information, communicate with friends, do the shopping. Can the net be the modern addiction? Yes, it can.

To start with, new technologies play a very important role in any kind of job. To apply for one you need to have knowledge about computers. In this case, there is no problem with addiction. It is necessary to survive in the modern world. Work does not cause addiction even when people have to spend their free time on it.

The problem comes when someone has a lot of free time and spends hours in front of the machine at home. As we know, the computer connected to the Internet has a great number of possibilities where someone can waste time. It lets us chat people from all over the world, download music, films, games or do the shopping without the need to move out of the house. This, of course, may cause an involuntary addiction, which may affect real relationships.

In my case, as a student, I need the Internet. On the one hand, I am asked to look for information, documents, texts. Homework, such as essays, may be done on the computer-no handwriting. So, as far as I am concerned, I need it. On the other hand, I have my own laptop and I can spend hours talking with my friends. But I don’t depend on the computer. I can use old resources.

To sum up, I would say addiction to computers or new technologies should be compared with other addictions. We should not abuse the facilities computers offer us. They make our lives easier but can not do everything. Using them every moment may even cause a worse addiction than smoking. There is no way to give up computers till the day.


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