Electronic Paper Displays

How a paper can be electronic? Here some ideas that might help you to understand the future reading:

What is an EPD? In words of E Ink Corporation, EPD is a display that possess a paper-like high contrast appearance, ultra-low power consumption, and a thin, light form. It gives the viewer the experience of reading from paper, while having the power of updatable information. It is viewable under a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight, and requires no power to maintain an image.

Why Use One? Are ideal for many consumer and industrial applications where the reading experience and range of lighting and viewing angles are of the utmost importance. eBooks that strained the eye with their emissive light can now give the reader the true book-like experience.

The Future Of EPDs The vision of E Ink is to combine these attributes to create RadioPaperTM, a lightweight, flexible display with the readability of ink on paper but with the added benefit of digital technology to download newspaper headlines or a best-selling novel at the user’s command. Ultimately electronic ink will permit most any surface to become a display, bringing information out of the confines of traditional devices and into the world around us.


An example of eInkPaper


E Ink Corporation: http://www.eink.com/technology/index.html#top


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