A blog as a literary genre

¿Are posts a brand new literary genre? Maybe, but not yet.

Thanks to the web2.0 today it is possible for almost everyone to have our own Blog. And there people can write about their life, worries, ask somebody for advice, share images or whatever we can imagine. But the amazing point is that nowadays more and more good writers appear on the Internet.

But, which are the consequences on this use, different from the common one? We know that with new technologies, written text have come into digital information. And so has done the literature. This new way of writing can combine text, images and even music at the same time; with it, authors can play with the literary creation. Electronic text is called hipertext and it base is the principle of association and there is no line way as in a book. Then we have two types of hypertext:

  • Static edition: A CD for example, we can not change what it has, and the limit is what the computer can read.
  • Dynamic edition: Internet, where is a wide range of possibilities.

Another important point in literature on the Internet, is that the reader is asked to be selective, capable to relate information and to decide his own route. This is because through the different links on a text, we can go directly to the information we are interested at. Furthermore, there is no tyrannical voice. In a blog, the writer create a story, but ask his readers their opinion -which they can write straight away- or even there are more than one writers.

Taking this points into account we conclude that on the one hand it is obvious that we can find blogs use as literature sources, were no published writers can find a way to their popularity; but, on the other hand, this new method will in a future coexist with the traditional book. The choice will be in our hands: paper or screen.


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