Last time I wrote a post for this blog I was about to graduate at University of Deusto in Spain, with a BA on English Philology. The aim of the blog at that time was to publish the many assignments we had to complete  as part of the  Modern Languages and Technologies certificate while studying literature and linguistics.
Two years, a MA on Hispanic Lit. later, and on the other side of the pond, here I am, getting back to write in this blog as part of another certificate:  Digital Humanities, offered by University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. My goal now is to understand DH and be able to work with some of their approaches in order to combine it with the research I’ll have to carry out during my PhD on Spanish Literature.

Though Technologies and Digital Humanities seem to be related, my writings this time would differ to the ones in the past. The target of study won’t be the same. While you can see posts about Online Translators, Text Editing, Corpora, and even about Johannes Vermeer, now I am going to focus my attention on the bibliography in DH for the 946 class by Prof. Ramsay. Therefore, I will post my thoughts about McCarty, McLuhan, Heidegger, Kirschenbaum, Manovich, Moretti, etc.

Since I am a newbie on the field of DH, I will probably focus on simple ideas, trying to understand them very well before getting into more difficult debates. Besides, I might post something on my many interests such as literature, photography, or TV shows.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and find it useful if looking for some information.


Jennifer Isasi

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.

Courses taken on Digital Humanities and New Technologies:

  • Readings in Digital Humanities with Stephen Ramsay at UNL (Engl 946)
  • Microanalysis with Matthew Jockers at UNL (Engl 898)
  • Computer-based Language Learning Tools and Resources at Deusto
  • Managament of Digital Corpus at Deusto
  • Digital Edition with Carmen Isasi at Deusto
  • English Language and New Technologies with Joseba Abaitua at Deusto
  • Linguistica Applications of New Technologies with Joseba Abaitua at Deusto

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