What makes a Blog stand out against others?

Surfing the Internet I found an article which points out the keys for a blog to be popular. Lets see some of them:

Attract and hold attention

Looks count in everything: clothing, makeup, entertainment…an so it is here. If we enter a page which is impossible for our eyes, we will straight move on to another one. The page should be readable, which exclude any color combination without enough contrast, because it makes the process of reading impossible. At least 25% of Internet audience is disabled or old people with view problems. So “it’s important that the font size, color, and style be readable so people will want to read the words.”

Another key is the possibility to navigate easily. Good navigation combined with above point, and good content compels people to keep reading, looking for more information about what they have read.

Last on this issue is the design. Flashy or garish advertising could make people to have an impression of not serious blog or web. The design should be in relation to the content and unnecessary complements should be avoided.

“The more appropriate the design and looks, the more likely the viewer is to stay a while longer because there is more than looks to hold my attention.”

Catching content

Interesting content includes not only up to date news, but good writing, spelling and grammar. If the topic served up meets your intereste, you probably return again and again to found whats new.

“There are two theories in successful blog content. One is to stay highly focused upon a specialty or two, gaining an audience because they know “you” are the source for that information. The other theory is to write about anything and everything so anyone searching for anything and everything will find you, and they will be so impressed they will look around, check things out, and come back for more.”

Traffic is essential

Often we can hear that the more visit you have in a blog, the more popular you are. But, is it true? It matters the owner not the reader. The popularity has to do with the interest that appeals someone at a punctual moment. It has to do with the information.

It is important that your blog is seen by search engines and linked to other pages with relative information. In a word, it has to be “findable”.

About convenience

A blog should present some conveniences making the navigation easier. If not, audience would decrease. The point in this key are links, feeds, bookmarks, favorites… With a click it is possible to read a site’s new content, jump to the next, so easy, isn’t it?

“Feeds are not about looks. They are about content, because that is all the reader gets. Therefore, good content and consistent subject matter makes a blog stand out enough for me to even check if they have feeds, and then I can quickly add them to my feed reader.”

Among all the conveniences we have the categories, the ability to categorize and group your contents by topics. It increases the interest on visitors, encouraging them to find out more contents.

Comments from readers can be very helpful for owners.

Basic questions to know if our blog could be outstanding

  1. Is it readable?
  2. Is it easy to read?
  3. Is it easy to navigate, leading the reader to other content from every page?
  4. Does it offer content categories, helping direct readers to related subjects on your site or blog?
  5. Does the design match the content?
  6. Is the content consistent with a specific topic, theme, or subject?
  7. Does the content showcase you as an expert, hobbyist, or vague curiosity seeker?
  8. Is the content well written, spell and grammar checked, and encourage readers to read?
  9. Does your blog’s design and content give people a reason to return?
  10. How convenient is your site or blog to use?
  11. Does it offer feeds?
  12. Does it offer comments?
  13. Does it offer trackbacks?