Artificial Conversations

Nowadays, the Net represents an essential element in the field of communication. Sometimes we might depend on the above mentioned resource –when looking for information or when communicating by an e-mail, for instance.

With time, we have changed the way of communication: orally, writing, by signs, etc. And now all that has merged on the Net in the ‘internet language’, a language spoken all over the world. Years ago, it was impossible to talk with someone from France except by a letter. Now, however, we can have a chat with an inhabitant of New Zeeaand in real time.

But people ought not to forget that the communication on the Net it is not real. Having a conversation with a friend on the messenger can not be compared to having it while taking a coffee, for example. There is no feelings shown by internet, we can not know how the person we are talking to is feeling in the other side of the screen.

It can also be quite dangerous for those who do not know the bounds. It can come to an addiction- worse or better than smoking for instance, I don’t know. People forget that there is life outside their studios- it is also feasible to do the shopping by the internet- forget the family, friends, a healthy way of life.

Fast, easy, handy…but also dangerous, antisocial… The customer should know the advantages and disadvantages of new way of relationships then manage to choose between real and artificial communication.