Why a degree in English?

Studying English as a degree is not very common nowadays. The number of people at classes can show us that. But we can’t forget that languages are quite important today. Studying English Philology comes from one’s inside. If I like English, why don’t to study it in depth?

Since I was in secondary school I knew I wanted to study English at University. At that time it was a matter of hating science, I did not like Maths nor Biology. I studied in an academy for ten years, and even though I was a child, I enjoy it. Now it is a question of loving English and its culture. I have been abroad and I learnt a lot about native speakers. Moreover, I love books, our main work material.

Today’s society is too worried about the future. I am not against those how follow a career because of the money they are earning with their next job, but do they really like what they are studying? Not everyone. Furthermore, the number of jobs we could carry out has no limit so there is no reason to worry about. For the moment, on that range of possible jobs, I bet for translation, even when new technologies could possibly replace us. Maybe in a not so a far future, philology would have to study a new language, the one on the Internet which include: codes, abbreviations or signs.

In conclusion, I have choose these studies for a reason of what I really like and love, not for the money. I would like to encourage new students to choose our degree if they want more than a future material satisfaction.