Social Bookmarking

Every user of the Internet is familiar with the term bookmark; but what about social bookmarking?

Born in 1996 (with the launch of itList), the term refers to the practise of saving bookmarks to Web sites such as or Citeulike in order to share, organize, search, and manage  web resources or pages. It opens doors to a new way to categorize and organize resources. But this organization -far from being library-like- is informal because each user add tags or keywords to what he or she found interesting, useful, instead of the system of folders that were used before.

Description should be added in metadata “so that other users may understand the content of the resource without first needing to download it for themselves”.Though this term may not be know by everyone, the technology behind this new way of creating new communities is not difficult, so everybody could make use of it.

“Social bookmarking simplifies the distribution of reference lists, bibliographies, papers, and other resources among peers or students.”


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